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Total Journey:
The Total Fare shown is the journey fare payable based on the total distance travelled and the Public Transport service you take.
Please take note:
  1. *Distance: Shows individual bus/MRT leg distances, as well as total journey distance.
  2. *Fare: Shows fares deducted when tapping out of each bus/MRT leg assuming it meets transfer rules, as well as total journey fare.
  3. All bus rides specified are considered air-conditioned rides.
  4. All fares specified are based on card fares.
  5. Fares for feeder services are capped at 3.2km.
  6. Flat fare services like Night Riders/Nite Owl, Parks Svcs, Chinatown Direct, Stadium Direct, RWS & Premium Bus Svcs are not included in Distance Fares.
  7. The Fare Calculator is based on public transport data as of 19/12/2014.

Check how much the fare is for your planned trip by following the steps below:

1. Select your fare type
2. Select your mode of travel
3. Select your boarding and alighting stops
4. Add trips
5. Compute fare

Fare Calculator

Use the calculator to check your exact bus and train fares.



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